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Insurance Disputes Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Although we buy insurance or obtain it as a benefit of employment in order to protect ourselves financially for the times when things go wrong, we must never forget that insurance companies exist in order to make a profit. Because of this, when insurance claims are made, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise about the amount of benefits to be paid to the client. If you have filed an insurance claim and are facing a dispute as a result of the claim, the smart thing to do is to consult with a Kansas City, Missouri insurance dispute attorney as soon as possible. An experienced insurance dispute attorney is familiar with all of the legal obligations of an insurance company and will be your legal voice when this kind of dispute arises.

Obligations of An Insurance Company

Even though insurance companies are in business to make a profit, they still have legal obligations to the clients they serve. Instead of looking for a reason to deny coverage, they need to focus on how to find it. They should assist the policyholder honestly to file the claim and should be transparent about this process. They should investigate claims thoroughly and should pay any owed money within a reasonable time frame. If you have filed an insurance claim and you suspect that the insurance company is not acting in good faith or is dealing with you dishonestly, it's time to hire a skilled insurance dispute attorney.


Bad Faith Insurance Claims

An insurance policy is a contract that is between the insurance company and the insured client. When an insurance company tries to skirt around the terms of the contract in order to avoid paying a client the full amount owed on a claim, it may be guilty of acting in bad faith. An insurance company may also be guilty of bad faith if it does not conduct a thorough investigation or if it does not respond to claims in a timely fashion. Should this occur, the client can not only sue for the amount of the claim, but possibly also for the damages caused by violation of proper insurance standards of conduct.

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Insurance Disputes

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