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Employment and Labor Disputes Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Unfortunately, it's not all that uncommon for employees to encounter a situation in which their employers are being unfair or taking advantage of them. When this occurs, an employee may back down and simply ignore the problem, hoping it will go away. Sadly, it usually does not. However, employees do have rights that are given to them by both state and federal law. If you've encountered a difficult employment dispute, the smart thing to do is to speak with an experienced Kansas City, Missouri employment dispute lawyer. This lawyer will use his or her understanding of the law to advise you of your rights and give you guidance as to how to proceed.

Race, Sexual and Disability Discrimination


In spite of many laws that make it illegal, different forms of discrimination still sometimes occur in the workplace. Employers are not allowed to have a pay differential that is related to race, gender or disability. They are not allowed to create a sexually hostile work environment or to insult employees or others with racial slurs. Employers are also not allowed to discriminate against employees due to sexual orientation or pregnancy. Employers with employees who are disabled must make reasonable accommodations for these employees so that they can perform the duties of their job.

Wrongful Termination and Whistleblower Protection

Employees who are terminated illegally because they reported unethical or illegal activity of the employer do have recourse to the law. Employers may not fire an employee for taking a family medical leave, because of race or gender, or for being a whistleblower. If an employee has made a complaint of race discrimination or sexual harassment, the employer may not fire him or her in retaliation. A skilled employment dispute lawyer can negotiate the terms of the termination to protect the rights of the employee.

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If you are dealing with an employment dispute, call to schedule a free consultation with a Kansas City, Missouri employment dispute attorney today. The expert legal professionals at the PK Law Group will use its understanding of the law and the local court system to vigorously defend your rights. Don't just stay quiet and let a bad situation get even worse. Visit our web page at or give us a call at (816) 929-8777 and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff. We serve Kansas City, Missouri  as well as North Kansas City, Lee's Summit, Raytown, Independence and surrounding areas. Let us give you legal advice you can rely on.

Employment and Labor Disputes

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