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Bus Accident

Bus accidents may cause serious injuries that involve extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation as well as time off work. Most buses do not provide the kind of protective safety equipment that is found in a car, and in the event of a collision, victims may be thrown around the bus, resulting in fractures, head injuries, lacerations and other types of injuries. If you've been hurt in a bus accident, you already have enough to do to deal with medical care and trying to recover.  Hiring an experienced accident lawyer will give you someone who can be your legal voice in dealing with the insurance companies and other parties involved.


How a Bus Accident Lawyer Can Help

The operation and maintenance of buses and bus companies is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, or FMCSR. These regulations cover issues like training of bus drivers, bus inspections, and many other aspects of the bus industry. However, bus companies and drivers do not always follow these regulations to the letter, and there are many possible parties that could be found negligent in the case of a bus accident. An experienced bus accident lawyer can find the sources of negligence that can lead to compensation for your injuries.

Types of Bus Accident Compensation

After a bus accident injury, a victim can be overwhelmed with medical and other expenses as well as loss of wages. Bus accident compensation can include both economic and non-economic types of compensation. Medical and hospital care, surgery, rehabilitation and physical therapy, outpatient doctor bills, prescriptions and lost wages are all things that a victim may be compensated for.  Both past and future emotional pain and suffering are some of the non-economic issues that may also qualify for compensation. A skilled bus accident lawyer can use his/her network of professional resources to find the many sources of compensation that are available to you after a bus accident.

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