Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Working On My Case?

Our clients are entitled to know who is working on their case and that their case is being personally handled internally. At PK Law Group, you will personally meet the lawyer working on your case, and you can call that lawyer at any time regarding your case.

What is the cost?

A free consultation is a "free" consultation. You will never have to bring any money to speak to us about your case. We will speak with you about your accident or legal matter for free and not force you into signing a contract with our firm. You are entitled to know your rights prior to committing to a contract.

How Do I Pay The Legal Fees?

At PK Law Group, our personal injury contracts provide that you will not have to pay any attorney's fees at any point, unless we successfully win or settle your case. If there is no settlement or no jury verdict in your favor, you do not owe attorney's fees. NO RECOVERY, NO FEE.

How Can I Get Updates On My Case?

PK Law Group values client communication and transparency. We take pride in great attorney-client relationships and we emphasize regular communication. We have a 24-hour return policy, where any unanswered phone call or email will be returned within one day. While we will zealously push to settle your case, some cases take several months, or years, to be resolved. Throughout that time, you will receive a copy of every letter that we receive and send out. If we have filed a lawsuit on your case, you will receive a copy of every pleading that is filed. You deserve to know exactly what is going on with your case, and we are 100% committed to this approach.

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