What Should You Do After a Car Wreck?

When you are involved in a car accident, there are some steps that you must take to make sure everyone is safe. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the following steps can guide you after being in a car accident. Our car accident attorney team in Kansas City, Missouri can help guide you and your loved ones during this time. We know that you deserve compensation for your injuries and we pride ourselves on working hard to get you what you need and deserve. Our legal team understands all laws pertaining to personal injury and car accidents in the State of Missouri.

Steps to follow after getting in an accident

First, check for injuries. If you’re injured, call 911. If you’re seriously injured, don’t move and wait for help. Next, check on your passengers (if applicable). If you can move without pain, check on your passengers (if applicable). If anyone is seriously hurt, call 911. The next step is to move your vehicle to safety if you can. If you haven’t already, call 911.

You must file an accident report and document the accident scene. This is important for someone that is injured and wants to file a personal injury lawsuit. You must exchange information such as contact and insurance information of all drivers involved in your accident. Get their full name, contact information, insurance company and policy number, driver’s license and license plate number, year, type, color, and model of vehicle and the location of the accident. Do your best to document the accident scene and take pictures if you can.

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