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What Are the Most Frequent Causes of Bus Accidents?

Bus accidents are often serious in which many people are injured all at once. Because buses do not have the same safety features as automobiles, such as seat belts, air bags or similar, passengers are often thrown about during a bus collision with another vehicle. A school bus full of passengers weighs about 42,000 pounds. Because of this massive size and length, a bus has many blind spots which can easily cause an accident with a car. If you've been hurt in a bus accident, speak with a Kansas City, Missouri bus accident lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.

Mechanical Failure

Keeping a bus in good working order is important for its safe operation. However, the rules and regulations that govern bus upkeep are not as strict as those for passenger airliners, and are not always enforced. A defective part that is left unrepaired can cause the bus to malfunction, leading to an accident. If regular inspections are not done on schedule, essential maintenance work may also not be done, leading to a variety of mechanical failures.

Distracted Drivers

In today's world, drivers are often distracted by smart phones, iPads or other digital technology. When the driver of a car zips in front of a bus, the bus cannot stop as quickly as another car. If the driver of the bus is overly fatigued, he or she may not be able to focus on driving and may suffer from reduced concentration. All of these factors can lead to bus accidents in which drivers or passengers are injured.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation With a Kansas City, Missouri Bus Accident Lawyer Today

If you have suffered an injury from a bus accident, call to schedule a free consultation with a Kansas City, Missouri bus accident lawyer today. The experienced legal professionals at the PK Law Group will investigate your case to determine all possible sources of negligence that lead to compensation. Visit our web page at or give us a call at (816) 929-8777 and talk to one of our expert staff. We serve Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding areas. Let us give you legal advice you can rely on.

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