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What are common injuries from car accidents?

Have you or a loved one suffered from injuries from being involved in a car accident? A car accident attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, can help you to get the compensation you deserve. When you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, you have rights and a professional personal injury attorney that can protect them throughout the entire legal process. It’s important to hire a car accident lawyer immediately as there are statutes of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit. In the State of Missouri, you have five years from the date of an accident to file a lawsuit.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Some of the most common types of injuries sustained due to a car accident include:

1. Head injuries: These are some of the most serious including traumatic brain injuries or concussions.

2. Back injuries: Spinal cord injuries or herniated discs can happen due to the jolting of being rear ended or just from impact.

3. Neck injuries: Whiplash is a common injury.

4. Chest injuries: Broken ribs or collapsed lungs are most common injuries in car accidents.

5. Fractures: Broken bones and ligament damage happen regularly too.

When you want to ensure that your legal rights will be protected, it’s important to hire a professional car accident attorney in Kansas City, Missouri.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation with a Kansas City, Missouri Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, call to schedule a free consultation with a Kansas City, Missouri car accident lawyer today. The expert legal professionals at the PK Law Group will evaluate your case and help you to determine how much compensation you deserve for your injury. Visit our web page or give us a call at (816) 929-8777 and talk to one of our experienced lawyers. We serve Kansas City, Missouri, and surrounding areas and we are looking forward to representing you to get you the compensation you deserve.

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