Can a Car Accident Cause Spinal Injury?

Car accidents can cause injuries to any and all parts of the body, including the spine. The spine itself is made up of three main areas which include the cervical spine covering the upper back and neck area; the thoracic spine, which covers the mid-back area, and the lumbar spine, or lower back area of the spine. If a spinal injury is serious enough, it can impact the function of the entire body below the area of injury. For example, a serious cervical spine injury may result in quadriplegia or paralysis from the neck down. Injuries to the spine are nearly always serious, which is why, if you've sustained an injury to the spine in a car accident, you should consult with an experienced Kansas City, Missouri car accident lawyer right away.

Types of Spinal Injuries

One of the most serious types of spinal injuries that can result from a car accident is a fractured vertebra. The more severe types of fractures can cause spinal instability or even damage to the spinal cord, which may result in paralysis. Spine injuries can also cause herniated or bulging discs, which are often very painful and can result in limited mobility unless successfully treated. A herniated disc may also press on a spinal nerve, causing numbness or tingling in an extremity or in local muscle tissue. Many types of spinal injuries can cause years of pain and can also alter the general quality of life. They may also mean extensive medical or surgical treatment or even the loss of one's ability to do his/her job.

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